Who are we?



Our website is officially live, it’s time to look back on how we got here.

It all started when I was a teenager, a true passion for sneakers was born and began to occupy a huge part of my free time. Fascinated by the history of legendary sneakers, I started to collect them. To expand my collection, a bunch of trades and sales have been made, so much that I decided to make it my business. Here begins the story of CHEMTOV.

Obviously, when I was asked to find a first professional experience during secondary school it was an easy choice: a sneaker shop in my hometown Marseille. I’ve never been happier than this week discovering the sneakers world. This pleasure of discovery is unique. I’m a lucky guy for one thing: I had the chance to know for sure what would be my job for living.

This internship became a student job : as soon as the school classes were finished I ran to the sneakers shop just for the pleasure to discuss with passionate people. Quickly it became a side job: happy to help out during the busy periods and holidays. When it comes to sneakers, work and pleasure are pure synonyms for me. Sharing this passion with my two best friends and a few years later… we decided to officially develop the brand CHEMTOV ! After launching two shops in St Tropez and Courchevel 1850 we decided to give you the possibility to buy online through www.chem-tov.com.

The few free time I got when I was young, I dedicated it to sneakers. When my classmates played games, I was only focused on one thing: how can I get this new sneak’ release! I will always be grateful for this sneaker shop which  transmitted me a passion and a true vocation. We used to say that every human is on this earth for a unique mission: mine is to spread/give pleasure by providing you the world finest sneakers (in town) !